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Townsmen Military Update hits the App Store and Google Play!

By September 3, 2015August 31st, 2016No Comments

The biggest Townsmen update ever!

Finally! The new Townsmen military update is now available for Smartphones and Tablets at iTunes and Google Play! The latest update of our classic mobile strategy game contains more than 8 new scenarios, 7 new buildings and – of course – the amazing new possibility to play with military forces! Raiding bandits can now rob resources, lay fire or demolish buildings in your town – But that’s by far not all: Discover the new features, dive into a medieval world and build the greatest Townsmen Empire of all time!

Amazing new game content!

Choose to play friendly or with bandits on any sandbox map!

Build guard towers and barracks to protect your town!

Completely reworked context menu of buildings!

8 new scenarios, including 3 military scenarios!

Find your villagers with the “Follow my Townie” mode!

Discover 7 new buildings!

Use 8 new resources!

Customize your town with 18 new decorations!

25 new research possibilities for military!

Look forward to 15 new achievements!

Challenge yourself with lots of new quests!

… and much more!

New game impressions

War or peace: It’s up to you!

We have asked our fans on the Townsmen Facebook community for their wishes and they gave us a clear answer: They wished for the opportunity to decide for themselves whether to play with or without military forces. We are naturally very aware for the feedback of our fans and adjusted the new features to the actual needs of the Townsmen community. The players can choose to play without bandits and old save games will remain non-military. We are very happy and proud that we have been able to develop the new update in a close collaboration with our fan base – and we are already working intently on the release of the new features on Windows Phone 8. Stay tuned!